How to get it..

Grab the gem (stable)

sudo gem install picasaweb

or use Subversion (experimental)

svn checkout
svn checkout svn://

How to use it..

From the shell

$ picasaweb 
A Ruby interface to Picasa Web Albums
If you run into trouble,

To download an album:
        picasaweb -album

To download every album from a user:
        picasaweb -user USERNAME


With Ruby

%w{rubygems picasaweb}.each {|r| require r}

b ="") => "Beat Forge Productions's Photo Gallery" => ""

b.albums[0].title => "Euphoria_Nov"
euphoria_nov = b.albums[0] => 112[13].title => "DSC03683.jpg"[13].image => ""[13].link => ""

a =[1].link)
a.title => "dec" => "" => 3

Bugs? Patches? Jobs? Blackmail?